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Thank you for visiting our Los Alcatraces Cozumel guest house website. We hope you allow us to help you have the perfect vacation. Make some time to visit Cozumel and enjoy the rewards of that immeasurable experience as we did.

Back in 1992, I came to this tranquil place in Mexico because I sorely needed a dive vacation. The inherent traits of genuine care for others and love of family are apparent in this special place. It is the natural charm of the Cozumel people that lures visitors in. Holidays are an important part of the annual calendar, where the Mexican people show their national pride. Then in 2009 I met my beautiful wife Silvia on the island and the permanent transformation started.

The unfortunate thing is that today’s workaholic climate makes many of us feel guilty, weak or bad for taking some downtime. We often overlook the importance of proper rest and relaxation, but without it our bodies don’t have time to repair, recuperate and grow. If you have lost your gusto for work, then it’s time for an inspiration top up. Visiting places that move you and doing things that you’re passionate about are an instant fast-track to idea heaven. Stagnant surroundings make for a bored and dull you, so get your juices flowing by pumping some good endorphins into your body. And how do you do that? Sunlight, laughter, healthy food, exercise, and fresh air are all guaranteed to have you bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm.

Los Alcatraces Cozumel is our home and can allow you to peacefully chill out and turn the volume down in your head. To give your lungs and bloodstream a chance to clear you need around 72 hours in pure, fresh air every few months. You can find this on the island of Cozumel. Let us help you strip away the hustle and bustle of the working week, so you can get to the core of who you really are.

We look forward to serving you in person!

Silvia and Greg Lupone